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The George Experiment is a collection of conversations, thoughts and wisdom hosted by George Lee Sye – public speaker, author, business leader educator and frequent Superbike ride coach.

While this podcast is more directed towards people with strong career aspirations and high potential, the ultimate focus of George is on lifestyle and turning this big experiment we call life into one long successful fun filled venture.

Feb 25, 2020

Have you ever heard it said that “business improvement kills innovation”. George has, numerous times.

Though he never fully understood that because he was of the opposite opinion based on years of experience using improvement methods to actually create innovation.

Then one day, the penny dropped!

He heard it and saw...

Feb 25, 2020

What can we learn about life and business from riding a motorcycle on track at 300kph? Well if you can do it successfully, some key principles can be mapped back.

George Lee Sye spends approximately one week per month working in the ultimate part time gig (for a bike rider that is) -  coaching riders as an on track...

Feb 23, 2020

As weird as this might sound, it can be quite challenging for many supervisors and managers to effectively lead high performance employees.

So after thinking about this topic and those particular challenges in both the special operations and large corporation environments, plus the frustrations they’ve personally...